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About Us

Robert Swett-Managing Partner:

Robert Swett is a senior financial executive and turnaround consultant. He has extensive experience in turnaround management, financial solutions, business reorganization and problem solving. He is skilled at working with all levels of management in identifying and implementing practical solutions and achieving positive results during critical company situations. Mr. Swett has spearheaded the construction and implementation of successful turnaround plans in many different industries including retail, manufacturing, distribution, franchising, service, transportation, importing/exporting, warehousing and environmental engineering. He is experienced in negotiating with secured and unsecured creditors, buyers and sellers in distressed and other situations. Mr. Swett is well versed in various aspects of bankruptcy including Chapter 11 proceedings, 363 sales and assignments for the benefit of creditors. Prior to establishing Robert Swett Consulting, LLC, Mr. Swett was managing director of a national turnaround consulting firm. Mr. Swett has extensive experience in working with underperforming companies during which time he has established cost reduction programs and process improvement projects, restructured business units, spun off business units and closed down unprofitable business units.

Robert is a graduate of the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Also, he is a graduate of the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School and holds the rank of Captain (inactive).

Jeremiah Swett-Partner:

Jeremiah Walker Swett, a partner at Robert Swett Consulting, LLC, has over 15 years experience in various industries in positions of varying responsibility including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Restructuring Officer, controller, senior staff accountant, senior IT specialist and director of member services. He began his career with a regional advertising company in transition with his focus on the accounting function. Additional assignments have included IT/accounting integration, strategic planning and management evaluation. Prior to joining Robert Swett Consulting, Jeremiah assisted in the start up of several businesses. He provided expertise related to those start up businesses accounting functions, financing, budgeting, member services, IT and front line departments. Jeremiah has also assisted in securing financing for both start up and existing businesses.

Mr. Swetts main expertise is dealing with the business side of companies focusing on cash flows, budgeting, cost controls, personnel, accounting and manufacturing software, management structure as well as many other areas. Recently, Mr. Swett has ran several Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors liquidations achieving an average of over 60% return on inventory sales and 80% return on AR collections as well as successful wind down of businesses satisfying creditors, state and local governmental and taxing authorities.

Mr. Swett assisted in founding Robert Swett Consulting, LLC as well as RS Capital Advisors, LLC and is treasurer and secretary of both firms. In addition to his responsibilities as a consultant, Jeremiah also oversees the administrative functions of both Companies. He works closely with our clients and our consultants to insure the quality of our work product.

Mr. Swett is a graduate of the University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

Larry Hentkowski MBA - Senior Consultant for Robert Swett Consulting LLC

  • o Mr. Hentkowski is a financial/operations executive with experience in all aspects of accounting and finance including extensive international experience. He has the ability to integrate acquired companies and to work with international and domestic cultures.
  • Education:
    • Master in Business Administration from Ashland University
    • Bachelor in Business Administration from University of Michigan
  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Manufacturing
    • Operations
    • Accounting
    • Extensive international experience
  • Professional Experience:
    • Over 30 years of Accounting and Operations experience
    • Served as CFO, Group Finance Director, VP of Finance
    • Has worked for Fortune 500 companies
    • COO of a $46M manufacturing company
      • Brought company from non-profitable to $6M in net income in less than 18 months
    • Over 20 years in supervising IT and support functions of various companies
    • Has supported multiple operations and companies in Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen events
  • Strengths:
    • Works closely with Presidents and Division Leaders to develop strategic plans to meet financial and operational business goals
    • Works closely with operations personnel to streamline shop floor procedures and implement cost saving efficiencies
    • Has ability to read, analyze and interpret complex financial reports and legal documents
    • Develops and implements policies and procedures to ensure the accurate and timely reporting of financial information

Ava Lake - Senior Consultant for Robert Swett Consulting LLC

  • Education:
    • Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from University of North Texas
  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Financial Administration
    • Operations Management
    • Systems Management
    • Human Resource Development
  • Professional Experience
    • Implementation of new accounting/order entry systems for organizations with multiple locations
    • Management of accounting departments (A/R, A/P) and financial reporting systems for organizations with multiple locations
    • Implemented distribution policy and procedures insuring timely delivery of all products
    • Implemented processes to monitor employee accountability
    • Managed multiple production and development accounting projects on various system platforms
    • Optimization of A/R collection procedures
  • Strengths:
    • Establishment of business processes and procedures that lay a strong framework and foundation for multiple business models
    • Experienced in start-up businesses
    • Ability to listen and understand the nature of a business
    • Identify operational business weaknesses and develop a plan to implement improvements
    • Creating the optimum operating effectiveness for a business
    • Excellent organizational skills
    • Thorough knowledge of financial statements
    • Exceptional ability to multi task
    • Experienced in understanding and collecting various types of account receivables
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